Benefits of developing High Performance cross platform Mobile Apps in 2022

Benefits of developing High Performance cross platform Mobile Apps in 2022 With mobile devices accelerating more and more over the years, since reached the point where regular versions of hiccup-free websites can run. There is, however, a clear advantage to having customers install apps on their mobile devices. First of all,

With mobile devices accelerating more and moreover the years since reached the point where regular versions of hiccup-free websites can run. There is, however, a clear advantage to having customers install mobile apps on their devices. First of all,

There are so many solutions to the problem of mobile apps development that we decided to go ahead and introduce you all one by one. The problem we will solve is that your business wants to develop cross-platform mobile apps. What you should do?

Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

Technically, they are not mobile applications. We’ll count them as such, though, as more and more native APIs are available for web applications, are installable, and run offline. We’re not the only ones who believe that. People don’t know that PWA is what Steve Jobs envisioned for iPhone applications during his 2007 presentation. Apple’s CEO predicted the future.

What, then, are the benefits of PWAs?

Maximum code reusability

There is often a key question – a web application or a mobile app developed first. The answer the PWA gives is … why not both?

Creating apps that often share 100% of the code is often a reality. There is simply no reason to adjust the code. Users to install the app in the same way on all platforms running Chrome – Linux, Windows, macOS, Android, iOS … With a single code base.

No app downloads

The title may sound misleading. How can there be no application downloads if you clearly need to download the code for the website? This is true. Your users have yet to download your site. However, there are some key differences in this case.

Reduce the number of steps you need to take to install the application
The app’s size is much, much smaller
The apps are easier to spot, and your users don’t see your competition ads in the Play Store or the App Store

Faster time for the market

Before your product reaches the market, there are very few values ‚Äč‚Äčthan the expected market time. A real blessing is the ability to reduce the problem without compromising the quality of your solution. Especially since all members of your team can focus on one goal – completing the web application.

Platform independence

Apple (to a lesser extent Google) has a monopoly on the market for software distribution on iOS devices through the App Store and Google Play Store. There are no real side-loading solutions for iPhone applications, in an effort to make phones secure for everyone. Installing apps on Android outside the official store is much easier, although most users still choose the official way to get apps.

Big and small companies (Epic, Spotify, Basecamp, Protonmail, Deezer, OpenDataBot, and others) realized this, and more than a year ago they formed a “Coalition for the correctness of applications”. Its purpose is to “support freedom of choice and fair competition in the application ecosystem.”

There is a way to distribute the application, which you control, from which you can collect all the profits, and which makes your application easy to discover. What is it? the website. PWA does not face as many obstacles as native applications, which is a big gain.

Easy updates

If you need to run in a web browser, the applications may be updated every time your users connect to the internet while using them. This ensures a quick and effortless update process. Check the update policy by caching (caching = saving the application to a temporary location for faster access). choose to run your application:

  • Cache only (not the best way)
  • The network only (not the best way)
  • Cache retreats to the network (offline applications, first)
  • Cached network (frequently updated applications; the process may take a little longer in the event of an irregular internet connection)
  • Cache, then network (frequently updated applications better user experience)

Disadvantages of using PWA

Slower than native applications

The main reason why Steve Jobs and Apple withdrew from the full adoption of web technologies was the lack of power. The speed was not enough. The developers had to switch to Objective-C.

For Android, the preferred language was Java. The approach has led to the creation of much faster applications and, perhaps more importantly, opened up a steady stream of money for Google and Apple.

Even though today’s mobile devices are on par with some desktop computers, native or hybrid apps are the most popular solution. One reason is the speed of execution, however. However, a website running on a browser will be slower even on the fastest of computers.

With interfaces running smoothly at 60 fps, we have to wonder if this is still a valid reason to give up PWA.

Some native APIs are not yet built-in

Even though Chrome can: access your contacts, access your native file system, implement NFC solutions (NFC is the way contactless cards work, for example), and manage Bluetooth connections.

there are still many things he can’t do. Thanks to the Fugu Project, fortunately, the list of things web developers can’t do is getting smaller and smaller.

However, sometimes developers need to take native SDKs in order to fix their issues.

When should I decide on PWA?

Startups should be the biggest beneficiaries of Google’s attempt to make all significant native APIs usable through Chrome. If you have a relatively small software development team, you will be the happiest. The same applies when your application is updated quickly; there is simply no way to update applications faster than by creating a PWA.

People are not used to installing apps in the browser?

A “Law of User Experience” states that

Users spend most of their time on other sites. This means that users prefer your site to work just like any other site they already know.

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