The Main Mobile Apps features for a great customer experience in 2022

With multiple apps being launched daily in the Google Play Store and App Store, your app needs to get customers' attention. While discuss all the key strategies, it all comes down to the powerful features of the mobile apps that deals with providing higher levels of user satisfaction.

With multiple apps being launched daily in the Google Play Store and App Store, your app needs to get customers’ attention. While discussing all the key strategies, it all comes down to the powerful features of the mobile apps that deal with providing higher levels of user satisfaction.

So here is the detailed list of the main components that are required for the next business mobile apps.

Regardless of any type of business application, it is essential that you choose these applications to have striking features aimed at improving the CX. Once you’re done with the basic idea, layout, and color scheme of the app, it’s time to start looking to make your mobile apps appealing.

1. Easy to navigate user interface

Adding more features will work for the benefit of the application, think again!

There is no alternative to simple design. An extensive feature set of your application will cause customers to lose interest and move away from it. Therefore, business applications need to have simple designs that help customers quickly access information. The screen should remain unobtrusive and unambiguous, resolving customer experience concerns. Therefore, customers are encouraged to use simple business mobile apps that provide intuitive navigation, even for beginners.

2. Speed

Customers can’t stay on your app without waiting time, especially when it has a slow loading time. Customers won’t take long to look for something better when they’re stuck with consistent upload speed icons. Therefore, it is essential to include application features that are intended to improve the speed of the application. This improved speed should work on multiple devices, such as tabs, laptops, and smartphones. Designing graphics and designing accordingly can help improve application speed. Large tables and databases should be avoided, eliminating speed issues.

3. Good Image Resolution & Attractive Graphics

The application must strike the best balance between application features and speed. Choosing a good image resolution and attractive graphics does not hinder speed, and the application is worthy of global customers. can try different image resolutions and decide on the perfect resolution for other devices.

4. Independent platform

Any business application must remain platform-independent. Therefore, whether it’s iOS, Android, or Windows, the app should run at the same speed and have the same features. Therefore, developers and designers need to consider the different screen sizes and resolutions on different platforms.

5. Secure

With the rise of digitalization, there are more and more cases of internet security. Therefore, customers are looking for secure applications that do not save customer data without permission. In addition, your application should not save customer credit or debit card information. It is essential for application developers to protect their databases and functions from possible hacker attacks. In addition, it is important for companies to obtain their private assets and prevent the theft of customer data.

6. Search function

Do you know that most business applications miss the important search function on their interface? To make your business application intuitive, it is essential to include a search function. You may have more features in the app, but customers may not be able to access them without dedicated search features. Therefore, in order for any business application to gain customer trust, it must have a search option.

7. Color schemes

Colors attract us all and the same goes for dedicated business applications. It is easy for designers to experiment with different color schemes during the A / B testing phase. Once you find the right color scheme, it’s easy to choose in your app. The unique yet attractive color scheme can help companies gain more clicks on their site and applications.

8. Push notifications

Does your app use push notifications? If not, then you are missing out on potential leads. Push notifications have many benefits over simple emails, such as the ideal situation in the spam folder or the difficulty of closing emails. It’s easy to send push notifications that reflect new offers, offers, and other company promotions. App developers can choose to create graphical or text push notifications that work better than traditional messaging.

9. User feedback

There is always room for improvement, even at the best of times! The same goes for your business application. Therefore, the next feature of the app that should be mandatory in your app is dedicated user feedback. Who else can offer it in addition to customers who use it daily? Therefore, customers can quickly connect with what they expect from you and go share this information to improve the features of the app.

10. Integration of social media networks

Many users login to their social networking accounts on a daily basis. So why not opt ​​for social media integration in your mobile app? It’s easy for application developers to include social networking integration on their application platform for enhanced user interaction. Therefore, whether they have the same application or not, it is possible for businesses to bring people together using strong social networks.

11. Machine learning attributes

Easily analyze customers based on user behavior patterns. Businesses, especially e-commerce, can reap the benefits of machine learning. Customers will feel good about applications when they know that the content is especially neat.

12. Chat/call support features

What do your customers do when they’re stuck at some point? The fastest and most effective way to solve customer problems is to use chat and callback support features. The dedicated and qualified customer service team can handle customer issues while providing you with the best services. Companies can try different in-app support features, such as chat support and call features.

13. Multi-factor authentication

Data breaches are on the rise with the rise of digitization. Therefore, the need for the moment is to find a balance between data protection and data accessibility. Choosing multi-factor authentication can handle much of this. All you have to do is add access to your app using cross-platform connections, platforms, etc., making sure customers stay accessible to your app data without worrying about security.


Therefore, it is easy to conclude that companies have clearly understood the expectations of modern customers. With an average revenue of $ 775 million for every $ 1 billion company, any company can go with confidence to improve their CX with dedicated applications. With a large number of customers using different digital channels, any competitive business must have an excellent CX application.

The detailed list of CX features helps companies move in the right direction to improve their path to a quality customer experience in the near future. Improving the customer experience using advanced technologies such as AI and machine learning can help companies optimize their revenue and market presence.

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